Floor Plan
Our fantastic Georgian building has been fully refurbished to provide the best environment for children to grow and develop. We have split the house to provide dedicated suitably equipped
spaces to each of the age-groups.

The upstairs of the building is devoted to 0-3 year olds and includes two large free-play rooms, a messy room, sensory room, quiet story room and a separate sleep room.

The downstairs is for 3-5 year olds which includes two large free-play rooms both rooms leads to the outdoor play area with growing garden, messy room and a quiet story room.

We have our own kitchen where we can prepare bottles, snacks and meals. We will work
closely with parents to help children when they begin to ween to solid food.

We aim to supply healthy, well-balanced meals to our children and tailor menus for any specific
dietary requirements, through our early years catering suppliers.

An example of a typical daily menu would be.

Monday Locally-reared lamb (or Quorn)
Seasonal vegetables and new potatoes,
vegetarian gravy
Home made fresh fruit salad
Tuesday Organic or locally reared beef bolognaise
(or vegetable mince) Carrots and spaghetti
Bananas and ice-cream
(or dairy free ice-cream)
Wednesday Organic pork sausages (or Quorn sausages)
Spring onion mashed potatoes,
fresh peas and vegetarian gravy
Jam sponge and custard
(or Dairy free sponge and dairy free custard)
Thursday Fresh cod in creamy mushroom and parsley sauce
with tagliatelli
Home made chocolate brownie with cream
(or non dairy cream)
Friday Roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes
Seasonal vegetables and vegetarian gravy
Creamy Yeo Valley Yoghurt
(or Soya yoghurt)


The kitchen conforms to standard food hygiene regulations and is regularly inspected. Certificates are available to view on our notice board.

Garden & Outdoor Play

As a nursery situated in a built-up area, we’re aware that access to outdoor facilities is essential to childhood learning. As well as our own secure outdoor area with play equipment and a unique feature of our original ‘wishing well’ we want to ensure that we use the local park and other outdoor facilities to enable children to explore, build dens, learn about the natural world and create their own imaginative spaces and adventures.

Fresh air and natural vitamin D is a key ingredient to overall health and we want to ensure that our children get full access to ensure optimum wellbeing.